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  The city of Ur came into being more than 6000 years ago. The zigurrat on th photograph dates from the 3rd dynasty of Ur (2124 - 2107 B.C.) The groundplan measures 62,5 x 43 meters and the original height was 17,25 meters. The wealth found in the numerous graves is overwhelming. Also many musical instruments were discovered, among others the Harp of Ur (see below), and they nowadays decorate many museums around the world: Bagdad, Londen, Philadelphia etc.


The Golden Harp of Ur: more that 4000 years old...

Conserved in the National Museum of Iraq in Baghdad until it was destroyed during the attack by the United States of America in 2003.

  the golden helmet of King Meskalam-dug (Ur, 2450 B.C.)

  Clearly visible the use of alphalt instead of cement for masonry.

  Always stimulating the imagination: a flock of camels. Near Uruk, not far away from Ur.

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