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  Courtyard of a house at Al-Basrah. Traditional architecture, based on much older history.

  A trip on a ramshackle little boat on the Shat al Arab, the merged Tigris and Euphrates river. The date-trees bear almost-mature fruits.



In the Basrah-Sheraton hotel. The coffee man walks around with his coffee pot and some small cups all day long. Extremely strong coffee, only a few drops of it are required for getting heart flutterings. The gentleman on the right is our Iraqi guide, employee of the Iraqi ministry of Information at Baghdad.




Everywhere the same: kids pulling on my jacket ceaselessly, until a picture of them is taken. Also a $1 note satisfies them to great extent.




idem. This little rascals search about through Basrah's main street for gratuity, an icecream and some coins. Great masters in mischief!

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