Harun Al-Rashid


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   a view on the Tiger-river from the Al-Mansour-hotel at Baghdad

   The Abbasid Palace at Baghdad

   Abbasid Palace: sculpture in stone

   Sand from the desert like a blanket over Baghdad

   The Souq, the big Bazaar in Baghdad

   The famous Kathimain mosque at Baghdad


  Khan Murjan, the 14th century dining room for the Murjaniya school, in the Rashid-street at Baghdad. Nowadays a comfortable restaurant, where musicians play delightful music in the evenings.

   again Khan Murjan

   The Mustansiriya school

  born and grown up in Baghdad, despite the UN boycot..


  The entrance floor of the Baghdad Al-Rashid hotel, very close to one of Saddam's palaces. In this hotel the international journalist's crew was 'imprisoned' during the first episode of the second Gulf war (1991). One day after the journalists finally left the hotel, George Bush Sr. bombed this building, causing numerous death. Meanwhile the hotel was rebuild and furnished with this luxury mosaic!

  In front of the entrance of the Al-Mansour hotel this bus was parked, belonging to a group of Rumanian activists. The hysterical texts on the windows stimulate the imagination.

   Never change a winning team!

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