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  The main gate for the city of Babylon. On it's original location, but not the original building. The Germans took the original to Berlin in the 1930's, where it is exposed nowadays in a museum. In 2350 before Christ, Babylon already existed. It was a small town then. Nebuchadnezzar (605 - 563 before Chr.) rebuilt the city. In that shape great parts where excavated.

   The lion of Babylon, a basalt statue in the city of Nebbuchadnezzar

   relief on the remains of the walls of the Ishtar-gate

  The famous procession straat, the main street of Babylon. Thousands of years old is tha pavement, made of... asphalt!

   maquette of the much discussed tower of Babylon.

  Here was the tower of Babylon, remains of the foundation being visable


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